Beauty and the Geek: Christopher’s makeover wows

The second makeover of this season of Beauty and the Geek took place in Monday’s episode of the Aussie reality show – and the transformation left ‘Geek’ Christopher’s on-screen partner in tears.

The 30-year-old South Australian is a software engineer by day, but his real passion is playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, the Japanese card game. But he admitted to his ‘Beauty’ before his makeover that his passion for card games meant he never really learned how to socialize properly, and struggled with his self-worth throughout his twenties.

Eager to change things up, he threw himself into his styling masterclass. Host Sophie Monk then assembled the contestants for the big reveal – here’s Christopher before:

And here he is after:

“I feel amazing. The reaction to my appearance is like nothing I’ve experienced in my whole life,” he told Monk, who was visibly stunned by his new look.

Pri was reduced to tears by the new look, rushing to embrace Chris.

“He looks immaculate… I was lost for words,” she said afterwards.

Chris’ makeover comes after fellow contestant Mike underwent last week the first transformation of the season.

The 20-year-old Batman enthusiast had been paired with 20-year-old waitress Heidi, who couldn’t believe her eyes when his new look was revealed to the group.

“I was in absolute shock, I didn’t see that coming. He didn’t just look good, he actually looked unreal, like perfect,” she gushed.

Mike felt the same, announcing: “I’ve never actually been called hot before … But I’m feeling it now.”


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