Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Get Orchestral Performance Of Main Theme

Via the brand’s Japanese YouTube channel, Pokemon showed off a video of an orchestral band playing the main theme of the upcoming Scarlet & Violet games. Although we got a short snippet of it in the game’s most recent gameplay trailer, this is the first time fans can experience the song in its entirety. It’s clear the theme draws inspiration from previous Pokemon themes, but with its small twists in melody and instrumental sounds.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are the first pair of 9th generation Pokemon games, set to release on November 18th, 2022, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. They are being described as the first open-world RPGs of the series, taking the cue from spinoff title Pokemon: Legends Arceus which was released earlier this year. Legends Arceus had an open-zone format that had players explore free and expansive areas, however, one could not seamlessly go from one zone to the other, without having to load first.


These titles may be pushing the series to the next level in that regard, but there are some features that are seemingly removed from Legends Arceus, such as dodging their attacks in real-time, and being able to throw Poke Balls and catch them without having to enter a turn-based battle. Many are also concerned that the short window of time between large releases, since Legends Arceus came out in February 2022, will negatively impact game polish.

The orchestra video also gave fans a little sneak peek at plushies for the game’s three starters, Quaxly, Fuecoco, and Sprigatito. Whether these plushies will go out for sale is yet to be seen, but be on the lookout if you’re interested since physical Nintendo products tend to sell out fast. They also released the music sheet for the themes which you can see and download in this tweet here.

This presentation clearly had a lot of effort behind it, and it was an engaging way to reveal a bit more info, yet fans are hungry for more. Even though the last trailer came out less than two months ago, some are already clamoring for a new one, particularly because they want to finally get a look at the final starter evolutions. This is a very important detail for many, as it is how they decide which starter they will select.

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