The Last of Us, part 1

A special video of the post-apocalyptic masterpiece was created by Naughty Dogs, the latest study of the graphic and playful novelties of Last of us.

If the recent study of thean odyssey done by Joel and Ellie does not only offer additional accessibility, it’s also a significantly refined graphics sector: if it is to put it into the likes of the guys of Naughty Dog, the new TLOU will not be so different, but extremely better.

All the action planned by the developers on the battlefield are into this perspective: to the inevitable dual sense support in the last of us Part 1, as well as the usual changes to the combat and AI software, then will be added both to enemies and the protagonists. The new video footage taken from the second chapter confirms that it implemented the motion matchinga technology that’s able to check the animations using the game context and the coding of the user’s preferences.

The First of the Last of us will begin on PlayStation 5 on October 1, 2013: The future reissue of Naughty Dogs’ masterpiece will probably be out on PC, but at later this month. In order to see the release of new details from the PlayStation Studios subsidiary, we invite you to explore the latest video special and read the article on the First of Us by Giuseppe Carrabba on AI and gameplay.

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